Is it better to stretch before or after exercise?

Actually when it comes to stretching you want to do it before and after you exercise.  Before you workout you want to stretch your muscles along with using a foam roller to help release some of those tight areas.  Then after your workout you will want to do the same stretching and foam rolling routine as latic acid has built up along with muscles becoming tight again because of your workout. 
Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
It is very important to stretch before and after exercise. Before you do any form of stretching you should always spend at least 15 minutes to warm up your body which will help to increase body temperature. This will allow your muscles to move easier and more limber with out tearing during exercise. You should also incorporate stretching after exercise as a cool down which will help the body to go back to relax mode allowing blood to return back to the extremities throughout the body. It will also help to either prevent or cut down on muscle soreness.

It is best to stretch both before and after your exercise program. The type of training you are performing will determine what type of stretching to do before your program. If you possess muscle imbalances, it's best to perform static stretching (holding a stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds) on the muscles that are tight before exercise to help increase joint range of motion and decrease stress to the joints during the workout. If you do not possess muscle imbalances, you can perform dynamic stretches prior to exercise. Dynamic stretches are simply basic, rhythmic movements (such as squatting, lunging, rotating, pressing, or a combination of all of these) to help warm-up the muscles and help create more extensibility prior to exercise. After your workout, you should perform static stretching. Static stretching will help relax the muscles you just exercises and &quots;re-set&quots; your muscles back to normal length.

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