Do I have any control over my metabolism?

Pam Grout
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Age, sex, and heredity are just a tiny piece of the metabolism puzzle. Literally, hundreds of factors affect your metabolism, which, by the way, is constantly changing, constantly reflecting the ingredients you've given it to work with. Most of the factors that affect metabolism are controlled by you.

The efficiency of your metabolic rate is under your control. Which means you can change your metabolism. You can change the rate at which your body burns food. Remember your body is only as good as the ingredients you've given it to work with.

Your breathing affects every last one of your bodily functions, but none more than your metabolism. Breathing and metabolism are inseparable. And oxygen is the key - will always be the key - that unlocks your metabolic rate.

For every 4.8 calories, the average person's body burns one liter of oxygen. In other words, your metabolism is nothing but a measure of how much oxygen you burn. Doesn't it only make sense that the more oxygen you give your body to work with, the higher your metabolism rate is going to be?

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Yes to a degree. There are many factors that affect metabolism, some under your control and some not, but the factors that you have control of can make a huge difference.

Exercise affects metabolism. Simply adding a consistent exercise program to your life will increase your overall metabolic rate. This addition of exercise can and will increase your lean body mass. This lean body mass or muscle will over the long term increase your metabolic rate on a daily basis. Your eating patterns also affect metabolic rate. Eating more frequently in smaller quantities will not only increase your burn rate but contribute to keeping your weight under control. You of course can't control, your age, sex or genetic predisposition but the factors that you can control are sufficient to have a huge impact on your life.


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