What kind of symptoms or illnesses does homeopathy treat?

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  • Homeopathy should not be used to treat serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer. For these more serious illnesses, you should seek traditional medicine. However, many common, minor ailments are said to have been treated effectively with homeopathy. These include:
    • colds and coughs;
    • fever and influenza;
    • childhood maladies;
    • digestive problems;
    • earaches;
    • sore throats;
    • headaches;
    • allergies;
    • skin problems;
    • emotional distress and sleep problems.
  • A Mehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), answered
    Most homeopathic treatments are designed to treat common, household ailments like headaches, coughs, stress, or insomnia. Homeopathic treatments should not be used to treat complicated medical illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid conditions, or cancer. Plus, it should never be used in place of a prescribed treatment plan from your physician or other healthcare provider.
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  • A Lisa Samet, ND, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, answered
    What kind of symptoms or illnesses does homeopathy treat?

    Homeopathy can be used to address a wide variety of illnesses and conditions; there is almost nothing it can't help to treat. In this video, naturopathic doctor Lisa Samet, ND, discusses how homeopathy can address both chronic and acute illnesses.

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