What homeopathic remedies can I use to treat allergies?

Homeopathy can help alleviate both short-term and long-term allergy symptoms. Long-term allergy relief is best accomplished with the help of a homeopathic professional. For short-term allergy relief, these remedies pair with the following symptoms:

  • Allium cepa: Burning discharge from nose, bland discharge from eyes and light hurts the eyes.
  • Euphrasia: Eyes very swollen with thick, burning discharge, bland discharge from nose; the person coughs up phlegm and feels worse indoors.
  • Sabadilla: Violent sneezing, itchy nose, red and swollen eyelids, runny eyes, chilly, headache as if the head is shrinking and the person's thinking feels dull and slow.
  • Nux vomica: Stuffiness and blocked breathing, itchiness inside ears, the eyes burn and are sensitive to light and the person is irritable.
  • Pulsatilla: Bland yellow discharge from the nose and eyes, weepy or tearful disposition and the person feels better in open air.
  • Arsenicum album: Wheezing and tightness in lungs, burning throat and the person is restless and worried.
  • Arundo: Early in hay fever season with tickly nose and sneezing, no discharge and the roof of mouth is itchy.
  • Apis melfica: Allergic respiratory swelling; sudden swelling of the tongue or tissues of the throat.

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