Is homeopathy appropriate for treating low back pain?

Yes, homeopathy offers a number of medications reported to ease back pain depending on the source and nature of the pain:
  • arnica montana if the pain is sudden, perhaps due to trauma;
  • hypericum if the pain is caused by a blow to the coccyx;
  • colocynthis for low back cramping, weakness, or sciatic pain;
  • gnaphalium also for sciatica;
  • rhus toxicodendron works for stiffness in the low back;
  • aesculus for weakness and dull pain;
  • nux vomica or bryonia for low back pain caused by movement.
You should see a medical doctor if your low back pain does not improve after one week. Also seek medical treatment if urination or bowel movement is affected, or if fever, abdominal pain, heart rate, fainting or dizziness, or severe pain at night are present. Also see your doctor if you are 55 or older with no explanation for the pain, you take immunosuppressant drugs, or you have a history of cancer. 

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