How can I stick to my diet at the shopping mall during the holidays?

Kristi King
Nutrition & Dietetics

Most definitely, eat before you shop! If you start shopping on an empty stomach you will find yourself drifting towards the wafting smell of the cookies, pretzels, pizza, etc.

Pack some snacks in your purse. A piece of fruit & a handful of nuts can be a great energy booster that will allow you to power through the rest of the shopping list.

Make sure you take water with you. Many times we think we are hungry and we are actually thirsty. Staying well hydrated will help to keep you full and give you energy to keep on going!

If you do find yourself in the food court, look for the places that have calorie amounts readily available to help you choose a sensible meal. Salad with dressing on the side, or a turkey sandwich filled with lots of veggies can help to fill you up, but be sure to avoid those side items such as chips, fries, cookies, etc.

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