How can I restore healthy skin after a holiday party?

Audrey Kunin, MD
After a holiday party, restore healthy skin by doing the following:

Wash your face. For heaven's sake, wash away the grime when you get home! Makeup and smoke should not find their way to your pillowcase. Wash with a facial cleanser that contains glycolic acid. It will dissolve away environmental grime, residual cosmetics and leave skin looking fresh the next morning.

Catch up on your sleep. Not an easy thing to do if you began the holiday season with a midnight shopping trip on Black Friday and haven't stopped to rest ever since. Allowing yourself a solid 8 hours of sleep, especially after a long evening out, lets your body (and your skin) recuperate for the next fun-filled event.

Deflate the bags. The stress of the holiday season, indulging in salty foods, environmental allergens (such as Christmas trees, the host's pets or a smoky room), can cause pooling of fluid within the delicate and easily distensible skin beneath the eye. The result: waking up to excess baggage and a tired, haggard appearance. Reducing fluid build-up and bagginess beneath the eyes makes the face look fresher, more rested and youthful. Caffeine is an effective agent for deflating bags. Thanks to its ability to constrict blood vessels and its diuretic tendencies, topical caffeine should be in your favorite eye cream.

If unprepared, try a quick fix straight out of the kitchen. Moist cool tea bags (the caffeinated ones) rapidly reduce swelling. The tannins in the tea help reduce the swelling by reducing inflammation. And again, the caffeine draws water from the skin helping deflate puffiness.

Hide the dark circles. Late nights can lead to dark circles. Camouflaging dark circles provides immediate gratification and restores radiance to the eye area. A yellow concealer counteracts the blue hues. Regardless of your baseline skin tone, applying a yellow concealer can work wonders to neutralize the blue hues. Feel free to apply a flesh toned concealer and foundation on top.

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