What are some healthy snacks to travel with during the holidays?

Amaris Noguera
Nutrition & Dietetics

Depending on the mode of travel, it might be well worth the effort to pack a small cooler or lunch box with refrigerated snacks to keep a variety of healthy snacks on hand and prevent boredom from the standard non-perishable snacks. Here are a few ideas:

In general, you want to choose snacks around 150 calories that are a good source of fiber and protein. Keeping those nutrients in mind will help you select snacks that are satiating. Additionally, you want to keep an eye on sodium, fat and sugar content, as these ingredients can sometimes cause an energy slump after eating. Some of my go-to recommendations include:

  • Sandwich thin, bagel thin, mini-bagel or English muffin with a dab of all-natural peanut butter. You can even purchase individually portioned peanut butter cups at your local grocer for an easy on-the-go peanut butter sandwich.
  • Part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks with red grapes
  • A hard-boiled egg
  • Low-fat cheese rounds or low-fat cheese wedges with whole wheat crackers or rye crisp breads. You can find low-fat, individually wrapped cheese wedges that don't require refrigeration in small rounds at your local grocer.
  • Apple slices with all-natural peanut butter (i.e. without hydrogenated oils)
  • Homemade trail mix with dried fruits, nuts and seeds
  • High fiber granola bars or a handful of high-protein, high-fiber dry cereal in a plastic resealable bag.
  • Non-fat plain Greek yogurt cup or low-fat cottage cheese cup with your own fruit topping
  • Sliced peppers, carrots, celery dipped into hummus
  • Fruit cups packed in their own juice.


Marisa Moore
Nutrition & Dietetics

The holidays can be a very busy travel season. It's still important to maintain good nutrition on the road or in the air. Consider packing a few of these snacks for the road that don’t require any refrigeration:

  • Peanut butter on whole grain bread
  • Pistachios, walnuts, almonds, peanuts or other nuts
  • Roasted edamame (or soy nuts)
  • Fresh whole fruit
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Whole grain granola bars

If given an opportunity to buy snacks at the airport or at a gas station, try fresh cut fruit or low fat yogurt, milk or cheese.

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