What are good power exercises for hockey players to perform?

Good power exercises for ice hockey players are front squats supersetted with hang cleans and lunges supersetted with ice skaters. Power training that uses a combination of strength exercises supersetted with power exercises is a great way to build explosiveness for ice hockey. To perform this type of training you should perform 1-5 repetitions of a strength exercise followed immediately by 8-10 repetitions of a power exercise using an explosive tempo; this makes up one set. Perform 3-5 sets of this combination with 3-5 minutes of rest in between sets. Peform the strength exercise in a stable position (using two legs, leg press machine, etc.) as this allows more weight to be used. The power exercise should use the same muscles as the strength exercise and consist of jump training or medicine balls with an explosive tempo to teach the body to accelerate. By using supersets of a strength exercise followed immediately by a power exercise you can improve both strength and explosive power which are necessary for the stopping, starting, and shooting performed in hockey.

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