What can women do about high blood pressure?

Alvaro A. Gomez, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Women can do the following to help control high blood pressure, or hypertension:
  • Know your numbers. Track your blood pressure numbers, and don’t delay in seeking medical attention even if your numbers are only slightly elevated.
  • Know your patterns. Take time to measure your blood pressure at different times of the day to establish your personal scale. Blood pressure varies throughout the day. Your blood pressure can be normal for most of the day, but if your pressure is elevated for even 20% of the day, you should consult with your doctor. Over the years, elevated blood pressure -- even for a small portion of each day -- could put you at greater risk for organ damage, stroke or heart disease.
  • Be persistent. There are a variety of medicines that can treat high blood pressure. If one formula or brand gives you unpleasant side effects, work with your doctor to find the right prescription for your lifestyle and condition.
This content originally appeared online at Baptist Health South Florida.

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