Do I need to have surgery for my hernia?

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Surgery is the only way to cure an acquired hernia.

However, if your hernia is not painful or complicated, then surgery can be delayed.Your doctor may want to wait and watch the hernia. If your hernia becomes painful, hard, or larger in size, then you'll need surgery. Umbilical hernias are among the most common types of hernias that doctors use a wait-and-watch approach. Inguinal, hiatal, and sports hernias are often treated in similar ways.

Surgery for a hernia is really up to the patient. If it interrupts your quality of life, you should ask about a repair.

A hernia is something that has pushed through something else, and sometimes that requires surgery to repair. Not all hernias need surgery or even fixing; however, you can have a hernia around your belly button, in your groin or up around your stomach (hiatal hernia). If a hernia is causing a blockage, or pain or other symptoms, then surgery may be an option.

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