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What medications can interact with noni supplements?

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  • Noni may decrease gastric transit time and patients taking any medication by mouth should consult with a qualified healthcare professional, including a pharmacist, to check for any interactions.
    Based on laboratory studies, noni may prevent new vessel growth. Caution is advised when taking noni with other antiangiogenic agents.
    Although not well studied in humans, a vitamin K-fortified juice product containing noni and >115 components from several other plants may have caused acquired coumarin resistance. Noni juice/fruit itself is not a source for vitamin K. It is unlikely that noni would interact with anticoagulants ("blood thinners"), although caution is advised.
    Although not well studied in humans, noni roots and various noni root extracts may lower blood pressure. Noni has also shown anti-inflammatory properties, and may interact with other agents with similar effects.
    Noni may be hepatotoxic, and caution is advised when combining with other potentially liver damaging agents. Studies have been inconclusive in this area, and clinical significance is currently unknown.
    Noni may stimulate the immune system. It may have either no effect or suppressive effects on HIV. When taking with immune enhancing or HIV medications, additive effects may occur, although this is not yet well proven.

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