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What is witch hazel extract?

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    Witch hazel is a plant found in North America. An extract, made from the leaves and bark of a witch hazel bush or tree, can be used to treat certain skin conditions. These conditions include hemorrhoids, skin irritations, minor skin inflammations such as eczema, cuts, scrapes, or bruises. It can also be gargled to soothe swelling of the throat or mouth. Witch hazel is applied to the skin for these conditions. It can also be taken internally in small doses to provide relief from diarrhea and other conditions, although this use is not recommended. There is no clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness in treating any of these conditions. It is believed that witch hazel may help skin heal by killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and tightening skin proteins. Witch hazel is also known as avellano de bruja, hamamelis, hamamelis water, hamamelis viginiana, hazel, snapping tobacco wood, spotted elder, and winter bloom.
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