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What dosage of palm oil supplement is typically used for adults?

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  • Adults (18 years and older):

    • For high cholesterol, palm oil has been taken by mouth at various doses in a controlled diet for 21-35 days. Fifty-six grams of test fats has been taken by mouth daily as shortbread cookies for three weeks. Palm oil has been taken by mouth in amounts sufficient to provide approximately 20-24% of the dietary energy intake in a weight-maintaining diet for 6-10 weeks. Four capsules of Palmvitee® (50 milligrams of tocotrienol plus 250 grams of palm super olein) have been taken by mouth after breakfast and dinner daily for four weeks. Twenty-five grams of palm oil (12% of total energy intake) has been taken by mouth baked into high-fiber muffins and rusks for four weeks.
    • For obesity, a single meal supplemented with palm oil (29 grams of fat per square meter of body surface area) has been eaten.
    • For vitamin A deficiency, eight milliliters of red palm oil (2,400 micrograms of beta-carotene) has been taken by mouth daily for up to eight weeks. Twelve grams of red palm oil has been taken by mouth daily for six months. Ninety milligrams of beta-carotene as red palm oil concentrate has been taken by mouth, mixed into a serving of black beans in six divided doses over a total of 10 days.

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