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How much cinnamon can I safely eat per day?

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    Based on material bulk density reference charts, cinnamon weighs in at 0.56 grams per cubic centimeter, one cubic centimeter = 0.2 teaspoon, and so there are 2.8 grams of cinnamon per teaspoon. So four grams of cinnamon = 4 divided by 2.8, or just about one and a half teaspoons. Don't consume more per day.

    It's easy to get overambitious with cinnamon, but there are active substances that can hurt you if consumed in excess. Coumarin, as just one example, is a potent blood-thinner and some cinnamon in Europe has a warning label for this reason. Use no more than four grams per day. I use a few dashes in coffee and limit myself to two to three cups of coffee throughout the day.
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