How does hemophilia affect the body?

Hemophilia causes bleeding and bruising. This can lead to internal bleeding and painful swelling of the joints. Septic arthritis occurs more frequently in people with hemophilia. Abdominal bleeding and digestive problems are concerns in people with hemophilia. Bleeding can cause skin discoloration, pain, and swelling under the skin.

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Hemophilia is a rare genetic disorder that doesn't allow your blood to clot properly, making it hard for you to stop bleeding. Most often this is due to a DNA flaw which causes substances called clotting factors to operate abnorma...

lly. Clotting replacement therapy is the typical treatment for hemophilia. If left untreated, a simple cut can lead to major blood loss and complications from bleeding. Learn more about genetic testing, diagnosis and managing hemophilia with expert advice from Sharecare.

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