What support will I need during my heart transplant process?

No matter where you are in the transplant process, you will not have to face your concerns alone.
  • Social supports: Family and friends—It's important to identify who among your network of family and friends is available to provide consistent, long-term emotional and physical support. There needs to be at least one individual who has a stable, supportive relationship with you who is willing to provide for your physical and emotional needs during the entire transplantation process, including evaluation, hospitalization, surgery, and postsurgical adjustment to a new heart and a new life.
  • Financial support: Insurance—Obtaining adequate health insurance is of primary importance. This coverage should include a good prescription plan. Without one, most candidates cannot afford the expected and unpredictable expenses of heart transplantation.
  • Psychological stress—Your social worker will help you identify and resolve any underlying stress that may impact a successful heart transplant. Candidate's lives can frequently become problematic in the areas of family relationships, emotional equilibrium, and financial stability, all as a result of chronic illness.
  • Crisis intervention—Crisis is unfortunately familiar to those with progressive heart failure, and the social worker can intervene to help resolve the medical, emotional, spiritual, or financial factors contributing to the crisis situation.
  • Educational and support groups—The state of your health influences your life completely. End-stage heart disease affects not only your physical feelings, but your mental and emotional states, and those of your family and other loved ones too. Not only complex surgical and medical issues must be faced, but psychological, financial, and social ones as well.

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