What You Need to Know About Heart Failure

5 Reasons Your Arteries Are Hardening Atherosclerosis, or the hardening of arteries, is common, but preventable.
My Story: Ed and Congestive Heart Failure
5 Unexpected Signs of Heart Failure

These could be clues that your heart isn’t pumping efficiently.

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Living Your Best Life With Congestive Heart Failure
Why Support is Important When Living With Congestive Heart Failure
Ask the Experts: Heart Failure Cause
Ask the Experts: Heart Failure Symptoms
Top 4 Heart Attack Signs in Women

Women may not recognize these other symptoms as signs of a heart attack.

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Bob Harper on Surviving a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest
The Genetic Condition Behind Bob Harper’s Heart Attack
6 Unexpected Effects of Heart Disease

This common disease can hurt much more than your physical health.

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The Ultimate Guide to Reversing Heart Disease

Stop the leading cause of death in its tracks with simple lifestyle changes.

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6 Foods That Can Lower Blood Pressure

These simple swaps can reduce your heart disease risk.

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Ask the Experts: Heart Failure Treatment
7 Lifestyle Changes to Make After Heart Failure

Heart failure can’t be cured, but these healthy habits can help protect your ticker.

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Bob Harper Opens Up About His Road to Recovery
7 Drug-Free Ways To Treat Heart Disease

Medication isn't the only way to get your heart healthy again.

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