Does carvedilol-3.125mg cause fatigue and tiredness?

Fatigue/tiredness have been reported by approximately 10% patients who take Carvedilol. Although it may be hard to exercise because you are feeling so tired, some patients find that getting regular exercise helps with the fatigue. You could also ask your doctor about taking your evening dose a little bit earlier. Coreg is usually remains in the system about 8 to 10 hours. Therefore it is best taken regularly about every 12 hours. Ideally the evening dosage should be taken at least 10 hours prior to the time you wish to wake up the following morning, otherwise the drug may make waking up difficult. If you feel your fatigue and tiredness are not improving you should discuss this with your physician to review the best way to proceed. It's a good idea to review any new exercise regimen and changes to the timing of your dose with your doctor.

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