Premature Balding and Greying Could Be a Sign of Heart Disease

Premature Balding and Greying Could Be a Sign of Heart Disease

Research suggests that men younger than 40 who have heart disease may also be greying and going bald.

While premature balding and graying in men seems like just a matter of genetics, doctors recently found that they could be a sign of heart disease. The doctors studied 790 men younger than 40 who had coronary artery disease (CAD) and a control group of 270 healthy men.

What they found was young men with CAD experienced more signs of balding (49 percent vs. 27 percent) and greying (50 percent vs. 30 percent) than their healthy counterparts.

So if you’re 40 or younger and are turning grey or losing your hair, consider amping up your heart-protection routines.

Ask your doctor to test for your heart-health numbers: Blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, hsCRP—an inflammation marker, body mass index, HbA1C and/or fasting blood glucose and TMAO, an indicator of stroke and heart attack risk. Be sure to also embrace heart-loving habits: Walk 10,000 steps daily and strength train two days a week; eat seven to nine servings of veggies and fruit daily; limit red or processed meats; and reduce stress. Check out the Sharecare app to assess your stress levels!