Who is eligible for cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are appropriate for patients who have had a heart attack, angioplasty or stenting, open-heart surgery such as coronary artery bypass, valve replacement, or heart transplant, or for people with a diagnosis of angina or heart failure. 
There is no minimum or maximum age limit for participation and cardiac rehab is effective for both men and women. Cardiac rehabilitation professionals know how to individualize exercise programs, based on age, level of fitness, other medical conditions, and previous experience with exercise equipment. Cardiac rehabilitation staff design education and counseling sessions according to a participant’s unique assessment and needs.

People of all ages and ethnic backgrounds can benefit from a cardiac rehabilitation program. Cardiac rehabilitation is especially important for those who have heart disease, had a heart attack, heart surgery (i.e. angioplasty), angina, or heart failure.

Cardiac rehab involves a team of doctors, nurses, exercise physiologists, dieticians and mental health specialists.

Working with a team of specialists will help you transform your lifestyle habits and regain your health.

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