Should I talk to a doctor about my child's Kawasaki Disease symptoms?

Iris Rodriguez-Johnson, MD
If you suspect that your child has Kawaski Disease you should see your pediatrician to be evaluated. The symptoms should include fever for  greater than 5 days, extremely red eyes, red or strawberry-like tongue, scarlet fever like rash on the body, swelling of the hands and feet with red palms and soles, and cervical lymph nodes which can be detected by the doctor.

Since Kawasaki disease can cause serious problems, you should contact your family doctor or pediatrician about your child's symptoms. Contact the doctor if a fever continues over four days, or if any fever is accompanied by four of the following: body rash, red eyes, reddened and swollen tongue, red palms of the hands or soles of the feet, swollen lymph nodes, or peeling of the skin. The possibility of permanent harm from the disease may significantly decrease if treated within 10 days of its start.

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