What are the treatment options for hearing damage?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner

Treatment options for hearing damage include no treatment, waiting for the damage to heal itself. surgery particularly for a ruptured eardrum that will not heal on its own, and learning to cope with partial or full hearing loss by learning new ways to communicate with others.

Sometimes a blow to the ears or head will cause a ruptured eardrum. In most cases, a rupture heals on its own in a matter of weeks or months so no treatment is required. If the eardrum rupture does not heal on its own, then surgery may be needed. Typically, a tympanoplasty will be performed. This involves grafting some of your own tissues over the rupture.

Hearing damage done from acoustic trauma (sudden hearing damage caused by exposure to a loud noise or gradual hearing damage caused by long-term exposure to noise) may lead to hearing loss that is temporary or permanent, partial or complete. Depending on the level of damage done, you may need hearing aids to restore some level of hearing or learn to read lips or use sign language in order to communicate.

Most cases of hearing loss can't be treated. In this video, audiologist Dr. Craig Kasper explains why prevention is the best treatment for your ears.

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