How does conductive hearing impairment affect my hearing?

Diana Meeks
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Conductive hearing impairment is caused by damage or blockage in the outer or middle part of the ear. Sound is supposed to pass through your outer and middle ear first through your ear canal, then to the middle ear where your eardrum vibrates, and then to the tiny bones in your middle ear called ossicles, which are supposed to amplify the eardrum's vibrations as they pass to the inner ear. With conductive hearing impairment, something has gotten in the way of the process by stopping the transmission of sound, which makes sound seem quieter. That "something" can be wax, infections, a damaged ear drum, growths like cysts or tumors, fluid, or an object that has been inserted into the ear. Diseases, physical changes in the middle part of the ear, and damage can also muffle sound.

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