How does a cochlear implant help post-lingual deafness?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner

A cochlear implant is used as a treatment for total hearing loss, such as post-lingual deafness, to receive auditory information and send it to the brain. A cochlear implant is not a hearing aid; rather, it is a surgically-implanted electrode that simulates the job of the cochlea. The implant is comprised of three components: a microphone, a speech processor and a transmitter. The microphone picks the sound up, while the processor arranges the sounds and sends a signal to the transmitter that that converts the signal into electrical impulses. The impulses are collected in the electrode and sent to the brain. Cochlear implants help with speech recognition and make it possible to hear common sounds, such as a police siren. The FDA has approved the use of cochlear implants for people who are not helped by hearing aids, are over a year old, and suffer from severe to profound hearing loss.

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