What is a sleep vacation?

Around the world, hotels, spas and even nightclubs are designing getaways that cater to a sleep-deprived clientele. Here are a few of the most indulgent sleep getaways from around the world, according to the UK's Guardian newspaper:
  • In London, the Milestone Hotel offers what it calls a "Sleep Experience Package," which is designed specifically for guests who have insomnia. This getaway includes private consultation with a sleep expert, massage, aromatherapy tools, and overnight sleep monitoring. In addition to a traditional room service menu, the hotel offers its sleep-deprived customers a "pillow menu."
  • The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland offers a getaway that it calls "sleep diagnostics in a 5-star atmosphere." During a stay, guests receive a physical exam and medical consultation, including weight and body mass index (BMI) analysis. Overnight, guests have their sleep monitored by electroencephalography (EEG) and their night's shut-eye recorded on video, for analysis of sleep habits and patterns.
  • In Paris, the Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais has rooms equipped with a sound and light system designed to help guests fall asleep and stay asleep. Paris is also home to Zen Bar a Sieste. Calling itself "Europe's First Nap Bar," bar offers its patrons the chance to purchase snooze time on zero-gravity chairs or massage beds.

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