Is there really such a thing as beauty sleep?

A Swedish study showed that sleep-deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive and more tired compared with when they are well rested. Seven to eight hours of sleep a night is recommended.
Yes. Stages 3 and 4 sleep, also known as delta or deep sleep, are where several hormones which can affect the way we look are produced and distributed throughout the body. For example, growth hormone is distributed in the greatest amounts in deep sleep. This hormone tells our body how to grow, where to deposit fat, etc.
In addition, sleep deprivation can cause dark circles and bags under the eyes, and can even lead to weight gain.

Yes. During the sleep cycle, the body releases growth hormones, which fix damaged tissues, including the skin. So if you don't get enough sleep, you shortchange yourself on these repairs and cause your skin to age prematurely. Sleep also boosts the immune system, protecting against colds, flu and other illnesses.

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