What can I do to make my bedroom dark at night?

Heed the following:

• Remove electronics that you don’t need, including television (unless you require it to get to sleep--for some it’s relaxing), computers, laptops, and cell phone.

• Avoid having the kind of alarm clock-radio that emits a strong digital light, especially a blue one. If your sleep patterns are regular, see if you can go without an alarm clock at all!

• Use electric black tape to cover up any lights shining that are inevitably part of your bedroom setting.

• Don’t forget to check outdoor lights, too. If a backyard or front light is shining too brightly, or in the direction of a window, it could be disrupting your sleep.

We live in such a bright, digital world that we can forget that the very things of convenience can become the very villains of inconvenience when it’s time to get our shut-eye.

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