How should I prepare for sleep?

Much like the way you'd put candles on the table for a romantic dinner, or Luther Vandross on the stereo for a romantic night in, you need to set the mood for sleep. The perfect setup:
  • A cool, dark room. The lower temp and lack of light signals your body to knock you out for the count.
  • White noise. Drown out background noise with a fan or a machine that plays sounds of the ocean.
  • Appropriate attire. Sleepwear should be nonallergenic (both the fabric and what it's washed in) and nonrestricting so you'll feel more relaxed.
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Following good sleep hygiene is very important if you have trouble falling asleep. Stay away from things like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Also, avoid napping during the day and vigorous exercise before bedtime, and try not to have a big meal before bedtime. Establishing a routine will help ensure a good night's sleep.

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