What's a healthy trail mix recipe I can make for my kids?

For kids who need a healthy and tasty snack, for people on the go, or as a yummy keep-around-the-house emergency nibble, try this homemade trail mix the whole family will enjoy.

1 cup of dried apricot pieces, chopped
1 cup dried apple slices, chopped
2/3 cup of roasted soy nuts
1 cup of Kashi "Go Lean" cereal
½ cup of slivered almonds
½ cup of high fiber cereal (at least 6 grams of fiber/serving)

Mix together and keep in airtight container. Serving size is ½ cup. 
Store-bought trail mix can't compete with this simple homemade mix: It's packed with nutrients and fiber. 

Trail Mix

Makes: 8 servings
Prep Time: 10 min.

1 package (8 oz.) DOLE® Chopped Dates
2 cups whole grain, square-shaped cereal
1 cup whole almonds, toasted
1 cup DOLE Golden or Seedless Raisins
1 cup dried banana chips
1 cup dried apricots, cut in half


Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Store in tightly sealed container or zip lock bag.
Cheryl Tallman
Nutrition & Dietetics
To make trail mix, combine any or all of these ingredients in an airtight container and toss gently to mix. Store airtight. Lasts for weeks.

- Dry snacks: Cereal (low in sugar -- under 5 grams per serving), small pretzels, graham cracker or rice cake pieces, or animal crackers.

- Dried fruits: Cherries, apricots, raisins, mangoes, or coconut flakes. (Tip: big pieces of dried fruit can be cut up easily using kitchen shears.)
- Nuts and seeds: Sliced almonds, pecan pieces, cashew pieces, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, or peanut pieces.

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