How can I make a healthy homemade salad dressing?

Consider using ingredients like olive oil, nut oils or canola oil as well as different types of mustard and flavored vinegars. Play with adding two different kinds of fresh herbs and limit the amount of salt or sugar that you add. There are salt substitutes on the market that provide the taste of salt without the sodium “health risk” component.
In addition to adding these dressings in measured amounts to a fresh salad, you can also try marinating fresh vegetables and then roasting or grilling them to add a bit of flavor. Adding those to a salad will allow you to reduce the amount of dressing you use. This may help to get “resistant veggie eaters” to try them!!
Other ways to cut down on the amount of dressing you use:
  • Measure by the teaspoonful
  • Dip instead of pouring dressing on the salad
  • Only dip your fork into the dressing, before picking up your salad greens

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