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What is a good replacement for salt in recipes?

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    For savory foods, a great salt replacement is cayenne or white pepper. A few other ways to replace salt in a recipe (this works great for chicken dishes): mix up some extra garlic, lemon zest or juice, thyme, paprika, and onion. The spiciness adds enough flavor so the salt is hardly missed. Another favorite of mine is fresh basil. Mix up some tomatoes, olive oil and chopped fresh basil for a nice appetizer or light salad. With the acidity from the tomatoes, the flavor from the olive oil and the zesty basil, you won't even notice the missing salt.

    In desserts or baked goods, I would recommend replacing salt with citrus, apple juice (or apple pulp), or apple cider vinegar.
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    Fresh or dried herbs, spices and citrus juices are all good replacements for salt in recipes.
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    I agree with my colleagues that both fresh and dried herbs are delicious replacements for salt, but you absolutely must read the label on your dried herb containers. There are some products, such as "lemon pepper," or various herbal "powders," that actually do contain salt.

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