How can I define 'goals' to help my child set New Year's Resolutions?

Michele Borba
One of the easiest ways to explain goals is to link the term to something children are familiar with such as hockey, soccer, or football. You might say, “A goal is like a target or something you shoot for. A football player is aiming for a touchdown. A hockey or soccer player is shooting for a goal. Goals aren’t just for sports. Goals in life are something you shoot for to be more successful.  People set goals for things they want to achieve or get better at. Planning what you need to work on is called goal-setting. It’s a skill that will help you in school, at home, with your friends, or later in your job or as an adult. It’s a skill that helps you succeed.”
Judy Caplan
Nutrition & Dietetics
"Goals" are basically desires that are put into action through a plan. Goals can originate through the wants and desires of parents but true goals have to have by in from the child. Whatever goals you set, the child has to understand what they will have when the goal is achieved. Goals are the outcome of a series of actions. Goals can take time to achieve although there are short and long term goals. Prioritizing goals can help to determine where to start.

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