Why is it important to my brain for me to avoid high blood pressure?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Your blood feeds your brain nutrients. No nutrients, no brain. No brain, no Super Bowl party this year. So one of your big goals should be to keep your arteries clear and flowing. Reducing high blood pressure to normal improves cognitive function and slows Alzheimer's progression substantially. If you have a diastolic blood pressure of over 90 mm/Hg (that's the bottom number), then you have a five times greater risk of getting dementia two decades down the line than if it's below 90 mm/Hg.

If you have elevated blood pressure, it may be because your arteries are constricted, often as a result of cholesterol plaques, and limit the amount of blood and nutrients that reach a particular area. In the case of the brain, not having sufficient blood supplied to that watershed area between the two main arteries is what elevates the risk of stroke.
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