What are the main characteristics of poor nail health?

Poor nail health can be indicated by several factors. Nails that are not healthy may be dented or ridged; have spots; or be yellow, white, or lighter pink than normal. Swollen cuticles can also indicate a problem with your nail health. In addition, pain around your nails can signify poor nail health.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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Poor nail health can cause a number of changes to your nails, from small white spots to dark, deep streaks. Some are symptoms of serious conditions, while others may be just a sign that you need to take better care of your nails. Nail changes that experts say could signal a more serious problem and warrant a call to your doctor include:
  • horizontal ridges
  • clubbing (the nail seems higher than the nail bed and may round out above the cuticle and curve downward toward the tip)
  • dark streaks
  • yellow or blue discoloration
  • white lines
  • white underneath the nail
  • pitting (holes or depressions)
  • white spots
  • curled nails
  • nails that are separating from the nail bed

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