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How can I tell if I have healthy fingernails?

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  • A , Plastic Surgery, answered
    Our nails should be smooth and should have a lighter half circle where the nail starts growing from. That little area is called the "lunula," Latin for "little moon." Your skin should overlap the nail where it grows from and it should abut it on the sides. Your fingernails ideally should be kept short, overlapping the skin by about a millimeter.
  • A , Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), answered
    Healthy fingernails should be smooth on the surface, free of pitting and excess thickness. There should be no unusual coloration, and the nails should be reasonably strong and resistant to breaking or tearing. Keeping your nails trimmed short ensures that they'll stay healthy. The longer they are, the more easily dirt and bacteria can be trapped beneath nails, which can breed infection. If washing your hands frequently or working with them often in wet conditions has left your nails overly dry, moisturize them regularly with a moisturizer or petroleum jelly for needed extra nourishment. 
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