How can I get my child to drink more water?

Drinking water is important, but how do you get kids to drink more water? Parents can send a water bottle with lunch to school, instead of a juice box or sports drink. Make a habit when they are very young to serve water with every meal and snack. Kids like ice water, especially when the ice is made in a tray of shapes (like stars or hearts). Don't wait for your child to tell you he or she is thirsty. He or she may not realize it. Bring water to sports activities and to the park. Have a water bottle in the car on every trip.

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Healthy Kidneys & Urinary System

Your kidneys are shaped like beans and are about the size of your fist. They play a vital role in keeping the chemicals and water in your body balanced. Your urinary system removes a waste called urea from your blood after the foo...

d you eat is broken down in your body. Problems can occur in your kidneys and urinary system from aging, from illnesses or from injury. These problems can range from minor to life-threatening. If you're having kidney or urinary tract problems, you should see your doctor for an evaluation.

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