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Are there alternative treatments for overactive bladder?

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    Acupuncture and other complementary therapies such as hypnotherapy may be used along with Toviaz to help treat overactive bladder. Studies suggest that in women, acupuncture may help improve some symptoms of overactive bladder. Acupuncture may also reduce nocturia, which is frequent urination at night. Among the possible benefits of acupuncture for overactive bladder are:

    - Improving how much your bladder can hold
    - Decreasing urgency
    - Decreasing frequency
    - Improving your quality of life with overactive bladder
  • There are a number of alternative treatment options for overactive bladder. Lifestyle changes, including weight loss and avoidance of caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated beverages, may be effective in reducing symptoms. Bladder training may also be helpful. In this case, you and your doctor create a voiding schedule. At first, you may schedule yourself to urinate as frequently as every two hours, ensuring that your bladder does not become too full. Then, as you and your doctor lengthen the interval time, you can practice delaying any urges to void. Relaxation techniques may also be helpful.

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