How can I stay positive when trying to reach my goals?

Keeping a healthy focus in your mind body and soul can help you in so many ways. Stay positive and realize that slips and mistakes are necessary ingredients in the recipe for success. Remember the challenges you met and matched to help you when the going gets tough. If you've reached your goal, make sure to celebrate it's achievement. When you have success either with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle or reaching a specific goal along the way, salute yourself and those who helped you. It will encourage you to do more and inspire others to pursue their own dreams.
Ellen Whitehurst
Health Education

You have to believe (!!) that you deserve what you are NOW going to manifest. 

So, once you get clear on what you are going to do with your new found fat stack, you will start to chant the following:

(Phonetically first and then actual spelling)

Om Shreem Maha Lockschmee Sva ha


Start out be reciting as many times a day as you can but work your way up to 108 times.  I use a mala for these purposes but you can certainly count on your fingers or use any other tool that will help you keep an accurate count.

I recited this chant the ENTIRE plane ride back from New York.  I did so silently and in my head and did four rounds on my mala.

And then I just forgot about it.

When we got in and I opened my emails there was one waiting from a producer of a series of syndicated television interstitials asking me if I would be interested in being their New Year/New You personality, a video to be filmed in January in New York.  This vid then gets sent to a host of different telly stations to be played when they need filler.

The fee is exactly what I manifested.  TO THE DIME! 

Your turn.

You now hold an ages old key to manifesting modern day financial comfort.  Don’t forget to grace-iously receive and to be grateful as well.  Even before the fact.  Receive.  And be grateful. 

It’s all up to you now.  Because I already KNOW this works! 

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