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What is the key to a healthy lifestyle?

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    What is the key to a healthy lifestyle?
    The key to a healthy lifestyle is eating wholesome foods that nourish your body, getting plenty of exercise and getting enough sleep. In this video, culinary nutritionist Layne Lieberman, RD, explains the main components of a healthy lifestyle.
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    One of the greatest things about people is that no two of us are exactly the same. We begin our lives with unique DNA blueprints; we then march through life encountering innumerable experiences that ultimately shape who we become. We all have unique gifts and talents, and we all have unique vulnerabilities and challenges. There is no "one size fits all" in life or in health. There are many different ways to live a healthy life.

    The basic principles of staying healthy may be the same for everyone, but the way you work these principles into your life can be tailored just for you. We all want to be healthy, but how you choose to make this happen has to work for you in your own unique way.

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    Dr. Andrew Weil - keys to healthier
    Eating right and exercising are integral to a healthier life, but what else should you do? In this video, Dr. Weil explains the third part of the simple equation of leading a healthier life.
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