How can I make meetings and events healthier for participants?

You can help participants of meetings and other events stay alert and focused by providing physical activity breaks. In addition to including physical activity breaks in the agenda, it’s important to consider hotel location, facilities and accommodating people of all abilities in any activities planned. Try the following tips to make the next meeting or event healthier:
  • Choose a location where participants can easily and safely take a walk or roll with a mobility device. For overnight meetings, choose a place where participants can walk to dinner or evening entertainment. Provide participants with maps of the area showing good walking routes.
  • Choose a hotel that has good, accessible fitness facilities, such as a fitness room and pool. Include information about these facilities in materials you send to participants.
  • Consider a casual dress code for the meeting -- this allows people to participate in physical activities more easily.
  • Organize physical activity breaks that can be modified or adapted for people of all abilities, such as stretching exercises that can be performed in a seated position.

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