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What is hummus?

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    When you’re trying to lower your fat intake, hummus is your friend. Made from chickpeas, this Middle Eastern dip/spread can also be used as a condiment in place of fattier toppings like mayonnaise and sour cream. It’s tasty, takes only minutes to make, and is virtually fat-free. Hummus is versatile, too. Experiment with different types of beans (I like black-bean hummus), add fresh veggies (the following recipe contains fresh red bell pepper), and change the seasonings to your taste. Hummus is also delicious on whole-grain crackers. Watch your serving size -- two tablespoons will give a burger, sandwich, or even baked potato all the flavor you need! And if you are not the make-at-home type, no worries. So many varieties are available in your local supermarket.
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