How can I prevent foodborne illnesses when grilling?

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, MD
Emergency Medicine
  1. The number-one tip for avoiding food poisoning: Wash your hands! This is a must whether you’re cooking or eating. You don’t want germs on your hands to contaminate your food, or vice-versa.
  2. While cooking and prepping, keep raw foods and cooked foods separate.  Don’t pour a marinade that had raw meat in it onto something that is already cooked, and don’t use the same plate for raw meat that you do for food that will not be cooked.
  3. Always gauge doneness of meat by using a thermometer, not by looking at the color.
  4. While serving foods, keep cold foods cold and hot ones hot. Don’t leave food out for more than two hours (or one hour on a hot day)—put them in the fridge. 

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