Rockin’ Home Cooking

Rockin’ Home Cooking

Country singer/songwriter, Rockin’ Robin Miller knows what he wants and doesn’t want:

Don't want no high-class restaurant bill.
Don't want no fast-food drive through girl.
Now I know what rocks my world.
Home cooking.

There are many studies that point to the benefits of home cookin’ compared to restaurant/fast-food dining. But the most recent, released at the annual American Heart Association Meeting, examines data from the Nurses Health Study, the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, and concludes that folks are eating at home less frequently than ever. And along with this increase in restaurant dining, there’s been a sharp increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

That’s no coincidence. First, when you eat at a restaurant it’s easy to make unhealthy choices: fries with that extra large soda; ice cream and chocolate sauce on that slice of pie. Choices you wouldn’t -- or couldn’t make at home. Second, if you opt for inexpensive, cheap food, chances are you’re not getting the best quality ingredients; fat and sugar are used to bolster flavors; often meats are from animals raised with antibiotics or growth hormones; preservatives, emulsifiers, texturizers and more are all added to keep food looking appetizing (even if they aren’t good for you).

So if you and your kids want to get healthier, have more energy, spend less money and have more quality time together, get everyone involved in home cookin’. Even take a healthful cooking class together. Then you’ll find out who’s the rockin’ chef in your house.

Medically reviewed in October 2019.

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