What are healthy picnic dishes?

If you're heading outdoors this weekend, follow these tips to plan a healthy picnic. For a change from hot dogs and burgers, have:
  • Turkey or chicken breast sandwiches
  • Hummus and whole-wheat pita bread
  • A green salad topped with grilled chicken
  • Veggie or portabella mushroom burgers
  • Assorted cheeses, fruit and crackers
  • Add lots of fruit, sliced vegetables and an angel food cake for dessert
Keep foods safe by keeping perishables like meat, fish, poultry and cheese chilled below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. After the meal has been served, chill all perishable leftovers within one hour.

There are many healthy foods to eat at your summer picnic! For example, choose lean hamburger meat over regular ground beef. Choose a turkey hot dog over beef hot dog. Try grilling portabella mushrooms instead of eating a processed veggie burger. Make sure your buns are whole wheat. When choosing sides, grill potatoes instead of eating potato salad; try corn on the cob instead of pasta salad. 

There are many healthy picnic options. Summer is a great time to take advantage of all the seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh grapes, strawberries and sliced watermelon are healthy and delicious options. Many people also enjoy a healthy cut-vegetable platter. Cold chicken precooked without the skin can be a very healthy alternative to hot dogs or hamburgers with buns.

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