When should I choose a doctor for my baby?

I recommend asking your friends, family, and your obstetrician. Then compile a list of a few doctors and schedule a “prenatal consultation.” This will allow you to meet the pediatrician and ask him/her questions about their practice. Then you will be able to make an informed decision on which doctor would best fit your family and health care goals.
Babies’ healthcare needs are different from those of adults, so it’s important to choose a healthcare professional who can provide specialized care such as a pediatrician or a family practice physician. You should select a doctor for your baby as soon as possible, ideally in the final months of pregnancy.
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If you haven't already done so, it is important to choose a doctor or other care provider for your baby before the end of your pregnancy. It may seem early, but there are a couple of reasons to do this now:
  • Your newborn will need to be examined by a doctor or nurse-practitioner before you leave the hospital after delivery. (If your baby comes before you have chosen a provider, you can ask the hospital to have an in-house pediatrician or nurse-practitioner perform the newborn examination.)
  • Several well-baby checkups and immunizations are recommended within the first weeks and months of birth. For consistent and timely care, you need to establish a relationship with a caregiver to meet these needs. He or she will also be available to guide and support you as your little one grows and develops.
In addition, while uncommon, some mothers and their newborns require special care before going home. In cases like this, most parents would prefer to stay with their baby in the same facility.

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