What are the factors in age-related disease that I can control?

Richard Ricciardi
Advanced Practice Nursing
You are wise to look for ways to reduce the impact that aging has on the human body. During the natural aging process, we tend to lose muscle mass over time. Thus, it is important that you do both resistance (strength) training and aerobic (cardiovascular) conditioning on a regular basis. Consider setting aside a minimum of 1/2 hour each day to exercise, and alternate daily between strength training and cardiovascular training. If you do this, and stick to it, you will minimize the effect that aging will have on the loss of your muscle mass. Good luck.
Aging is a normal process that is regulated by multiple factors including genetics and lifestyle choices. Genetics is a factor that we are unable to change, however, we can make healthy lifestyle choices to minimize the effects of aging on our bodies. These include avoidance of sun and use of sunscreen to protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun, and damage that can lead to skin cancer. It is also important to obtain at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, and eat a diet that consists largely nutrient dense foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Avoidance of tobacco and illicit drugs, and limited consumption of alcohol are all factors that can affect how quickly we age.

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