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What are the health benefits of boiled peanuts?

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    Straight out of the can, peanuts are one amazing health food. But you may get more antioxidants if you buy them in the shell and do this: boil 'em.

    In a recent study, peanuts boiled in their shells had a significantly higher concentration of disease-fighting phytochemicals -- more than their raw, roasted or oiled counterparts.

    The hulls of peanuts are loaded with polyphenols, and the skins are packed with flavonoids. Researchers suspect that boiling peanuts in their shells releases these heart-healthy antioxidant compounds into the water, and the amped-up water is in turn absorbed by the nuts. The result? One powerfully healthy peanut.

    This isn't a newfangled food idea. In the South, boiled peanuts are part of the culinary heritage, though raw or not-quite-mature peanuts are traditionally used. Cover the peanuts with salted water in a large stockpot. Simmer until the peanuts inside the shell are soft -- anywhere from one to three hours.
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