Walnuts: The Superfood

Walnuts: The Superfood

John Boy Walton (Richard Thomas) was notoriously wholesome and filled with the right stuff to assure his future was happy and healthy. If you ask us his show could have been called The Walnuts, because that wholesome, crunchy treat islso filled with the right stuff that helps you live a happy, healthy life: omega-3 fatty acid, folate and assorted forms of vitamin E.

Several studies have found eating walnuts improves heart health, lowers lousy LDL cholesterol, reduces your risk for diabetes -- and they reduce your appetite! Another study (sponsored by the California Walnut Board) looked at walnuts’ effect on the health of folks 25-75 years old who had multiple risk factors for diabetes, such as being overweight, having elevated blood sugar levels, LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, or excess fat around their midsection. It confirmed that eating about two ounces (14 walnut halves) daily for six months improves blood vessel function, reduces lousy LDL cholesterol and leads to overall improved nutritional habits.

So how can you enjoy your daily dose of walnuts? Chop six halves and sprinkle on 100% whole grain cereal. At lunch, break four into an arugula salad with beets and tangerine sections. And at dinner, top off a tasty pesto sauce, over 100% whole grain pasta, with the last four halves of the day. They also taste great with fish, skinless chicken, mixed into steamed veggies, or all by themselves. Mehmet likes them soaked in water and Mike likes ‘em toasted!

Medically reviewed in May 2019.

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