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What are the negative effects of TV violence?

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  • The more that people see violence in the media, the more likely they are to act out aggressively.

    Did you know that the level of violent behavior in Saturday morning cartoons is higher than in prime-time television? Children's TV shows depict even more violence than shows for adults do, so from the time you were a young child to today, it's likely that you've watched a lot of anger and aggression on TV shows. And TV is not the only source of exposure to violence. Movies, music videos, video games, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet all contribute to the amount of violence you see.

    The fast-paced, intense action may get you involved and hold your attention, but it's actually bad for you. Studies have shown that watching lots of violent shows or playing violent games can cause people to react aggressively.
  • I certainly don't think that it's a good idea to expose kids in the younger age groups, like second or third grade, to violent things on TV. They can't really make sense of it in terms of how it relates to their life and whether that makes them safe or not. It’s a very vulnerable age, and they can start acting out, or being more fearful, sadder and depressed. All those things come about when you have early exposures to violence.
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